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Beauty, beginning with the earth, nurtures the natural environment we steward.

Amazonia Eco Jewelry celebrates nature and offers environment friendly joy to you through their line of exquisite botanical based jewelry and figurines.
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In tune with nature, South American artisans hand carve beautiful jewelry and figurines from the nut that is stunning and eco-environmentally friendly.

The jewelry and figurines are meant to be exhibited by the rest of the world.

The pieces are beautiful and you can feel good about displaying these natural works of art. Made from natural materials like the Tagua nut and other seeds, these pieces are available in many styles, shapes, and colors. You will be sure to find jewelry for any occasion, or figurines worthy of centerpiece status.
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Purchase of these products helps halt deforestation and harvesting of endangered species for animal Ivory, and also helps sustain communities of individual artisans that infuse mind, body and soul into their handmade works of art. Amazonia Eco Jewelry is committed to providing eco-environmental jewelry and artwork that is mindful of Mother Earth.